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Posted by dick on May 24, 19100 at 09:24:08:
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: Thanks you to Dick for the response to my first questions. Now my question is, how do you drain and flush a hot water heater? For some reason whomever built the house placed the hot water heater in the attic, so I have to be extremely careful, or I could flood the second floor.
: Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

There should be a valve with a hose connection on the side of the heater near the bottom. but first...turn off the gas and run some hot water out one of the faucets to cool the heater down a little bit. sometimes (rarely but it does happen) a heater set a little bit high will soften a cheap garden hose enough to cause a leak.

connect your garden hose to the valve. run it out a window or vent. Check the supply valve on the water inlet near the top of the heater. Don't close it just make sure that it is not jammed or rusted. If there is any problems or leaks this is the valve to shut off first. open the drain valve all the way and let water run out for a few min. close the supply valve and wait till the water coming out slows to a trickle, close the drain valve, open the supply valve, wait a min or two, then open the drain valve quickly all the way. This surges the flow and may get a little more out. Repeat the surging a couple of times.

This never seemed to get much out when i tried it. Maybe there's a better way.
I considered putting some mild acid in the tank to dissolve some of the stuff but never got around to trying it. Seems like if you drained the tank then put in a couple of gallons of white vinegar through the inlet connection it would get rid of a lot of the stuff and not damage any of the plumbing.
Terry??? HJ???? any problems with this??? or maybe a better idea???

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