crane toilet won't flush
Posted by Lon LeVine on August 19, 1998 at 15:30:49:
not enough water drains from the tank to the bowl to initiate siphon. I keep a quart pail next to the comode to pour in, & it flushes fine.
I went through the trouble of picking the unit off the floor to check for a partial obstruction. (it happened once before with a toothbrush) to find nothing there.
The water just swirls. I contacted our local distributer who said: Oh your toilet took a crap? it's 12 years old - too bad buy another. I might add that
I built this house 12 years ago, with 2 of these toilets (modle N-542) and they both have the problem.
I would not recoment crane products to anyone, and will post this fact to everyone that I can. I am also writing to Reed Beidler president of crane to let him know about his companie's
toilets taking a crap (using his distributers vernaculer) great site, all my best,

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