Re: How to remove diverter valve?
Posted by Marty on May 24, 19100 at 02:33:48:
In response to Re: How to remove diverter valve?
Cary: It would be very helpful if we knew what type of faucet you have. The divertor only switches the waterflow from the spout to the hand sprayer. The cartridge is the "guts" of your faucet that gives you your hot and cold water.If the flow to your faucet is impedded it may not neccesarily mean the cartridge is defective. Have you tried to remove the aerator from the end of the spout itself? Particles in the water will sometimes clog up at the aerator choking off the supply to the sink. Try cleaning the aerator first and see if that helps. That may be all it is, if not get back to us and we'll help you with that nasty cartridge. Marty

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