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Posted by todd g on May 23, 19100 at 16:22:07:
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: We have a turn of the century toliet, which is incredibly beautiful having a hard time finding parts for it is their anyone out there that sell retro fit parts for an old toliet?

I know this is pretty general and may not help much depending on where you live. My parents owned a house built in 1901. It had the most beautiful 7 gallon flush toilet you've ever seen. The tank mounted to the wall and attatched to the tank with some kind of metal pipe. Believe me, you don't find parts for that stuff at Home Depot. It looked just like a regular toilet, albeit fancy, except for the divorced tank. The only thing to do when they leak or need parts is try to find an old, and I mean old, hardware store that might still have some old lav and water closet parts. You'd be suprised what some of these oldtimers have lurking around in attics and storage areas of these old stores. Sometimes if you offer to do the poking around in the piles of fixtures they'll damn near give it to you to get rid of the stuff. Plumbing supply houses are almost out of the question. They cater to the new consruction and remodel market almost exclusively. This works sometimes in the midwest where I live(Ks.) as there are still some old wood floor hardware stores around some of the smaller towns that have been there since the 20's or 30's. Good luck.

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