Re: Propane hot water heater makes noise.
Posted by dick on May 23, 19100 at 11:03:32:
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Most likely you have a bunch of mineral deposits,collected in the bottom. This prevents free circulation of the water over the burner. thier are little pockets of water near the burner that get overheated, turn into steam and "explode". the steam of course contacts the cooler water above and imediately recondenses. This type of noise is usualy described as "ratteling or knocking", but depending on the amount of deposits and design of the burner, I guess it could get loud enough to be called thumping. Try draining and flushing out the heater. (I never had much luck doing this, but it's worth a try)

: I have a propane hot water heater that is about 6 years old. Recently it has started to make a loud thumping noise after we have used hot water (washing machine, dishwasher, long showers). Is this an indication that I should replace it? Or is there another scenario I should be looking into?

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