drowning......sigh...flooded basement!!
Posted by luvmelots on May 22, 19100 at 23:13:14:
I purchased a home last October, whoda thunk that it would end up with a flooded basement, due to all the recent rains and I'm certain the river being 3 blocks (or less now with the water level so high) hasn't helped the situation. Not only is it flooded, but it continues to flood. I know NOW that there is no sump pump in the basement and have been renting an industral sump for 3 days...to no avail. The basement and house are about a billion years old, michigan basement, with cement flooring, mostly stone foundation. I know that I need to purchase a sump and get it installed, however no one seems to be able to tell me exactly what type, brand...etc of a pump to get. I feel I need to get a heavy duty sump to keep the level down so that I can at least get the water heater and the furnace checked, and plan to have the pump permanently installed after I get the level down. So what kind of pump do I need? Is there one within a reasonable $$ that can be purchased? Where, locally, can I get it?

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