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Posted by dick on May 22, 19100 at 10:38:55:
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You need bigger jets, and some plumbing/tubing fittings. The problem with the grill is that natural gas pressure is lower than the propane pressure that the grill was designed to operate on.
In order to change over you will need to purchase larger jets, or drill out current jets. How big??? or where do i buy bigger jets???? That is the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to liability concerns, manufacturers and dealers are very reluctant to sell jets or give out any information on converting. some just say conversion is not possible.

This means you are on your own drilling out the jets. Before you start, it might be prudent to buy a set of replacement jets from the manufacturer, or get the jets out of an old grill.
Get rid of the propane regulator and plumb natural gas to the gas valve using 3/8 od tubing for a short run or 1/2" tubing or pipe for longer runs. Buy several drills starting with about a 3/64" dia. Drill the jets, install them and see how it works, adjust the air baffle if necessary. You want a good size blue flame close to the burner, with little or no yellow. If the flame is yellow, adjust the air baffle to open it up. if you can't get rid of most of the yellow, then you drilled it too big. If the flame is separated from the burner, cut the air supply back a little bit, until the flame is close to the burner, if you can't get the flame close to the burner without it turning yellow, you drilled too big.
If the flame is ok, but just too small(ie your grill doesn't get as hot as it used to on propane), drill it one size bigger.
I have a 45000 btu dual burner (2 jets) that i drilled out to 5/64, hooked up with 1/2" tubing,works great.
The same grill ,same jets, hooked up with 50' of 3/8" tubing, did not put out enough heat to cook a hambuger on a hot day.

: I'd like to hook up my propane grill to my natural gas line from my house. Do I need a special burner or a conversion kit? Where would I get such an item?

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