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Posted by hj on May 22, 19100 at 08:34:02:
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You may have to have a video camera inspection of the sewer. Municipal sewer systems did not install "short turn" elbows, nor were any made for clay pipe. Your rod would go around the bend if it were not broken off at the point where the horizontal pipe connects to the vertical one. If you install a 6" pipe, and only have a 4" cleanout, the when the roots finally plug it up, there is no way you will be able to completely clear the 6" pipe. And never underestimate the ability of roots to recover and take over a pipe. All they need is a smell of water and they will be trying to get to it. I have many installations where the roots have grown 20 feet under the house from the outside, grow up through the concrete around the drain line and then enter the sewer by growing between the toilet and the flange, through the wax ring.

: I have a residential sewer lateral that is plagued by tree root infiltration.

: I have had the line rodded professionally but did it myself recently to grasp the magnitude of the problem.

: I have run a three inch root cutter through the root mass and retrieved the roots with the retieval tool.

: From measuring cable runout, I know that the tool will not go further than the center of the street where the lateral turns down abruptly to connect to the main 8" sewer line (20' below the street).

: Has anyone experienced tool stoppage due to a short sweep 90 elbow? Is there a way to get a tool around the bend? Will replacement with a long sweep elbow allow further penetration of the tool for complete line cleanout?

: From careful analysis -- I am confident that replacement with a 6" PVC line will solve the problem for many years (until the tree roots are able to infiltrate the trench backfill and get past the resilient PVC piping joint gasket). I believe that most installations (including terra cotta) will not suffer significant root infiltration for a few decades -- due to the mass removal of roots (from around the line)during trenching.

: If my village forester is not lying about PVC sewer lines being impervious to tree root infiltration -- does it seem reasonable to ask a sewer line replacement contractor for a 10, 20, or even a 30 year guarantee against tree root infiltration?

: If a pipe moves and/or its gasketed joint allows any sewage to seep out -- I have to believe that roots will attack and infiltrate a PVC line. Is there a book on handling sewer problems like these?

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