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Posted by hj on May 22, 19100 at 08:25:58:
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First, when a company buys another one, they do not redesign the product line. Otherwise there would be no reason to buy, they could just start their own line. Second, you must have an early 1.6 gpf which had that problem. The new ones are much better. The three I have in my new residence have not malfunctioned in the six months I have lived here.

: I recently heard that Jacuzzi started to sell toilets and sinks. I also heard that they bought the line from Eljer. I would like to know if their toilets are dependable or will they problems like the Eljer toilet I have now. I have to flush the toilet 2 to 3 times and still use a plunger. Please give me some advice before my client makes the wrong buy. Thankyou!

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