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Posted by Weogo Reed on May 22, 19100 at 00:37:21:
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Hi Linda,

: Over the years of being in our home we have always had excellent water pressure.
: We have a well. In the past year we have noticed our pressure getting lower and lower.
: What can we do to increase this pressure again? Any suggestions on what we can
: check without having a plumber come out? Needing ideas, comments, suggestions.

How much pressure did you have before? Now?
Will it come up to full pressure when not being used, but not hold it?
How old is the pump?
Is it possible you have a restriction in your supply line?
What about a small leak in your supply line?
A loose electrical connection could mean your pump isn't seeing the
full voltage it needs.
Not likely, but are the springs in your pressure switch worn out?
Does your storage tank have a hole in the bladder?

Good health, Weogo

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