Re: how noisy are noisy plastic DVW pipes?
Posted by C Graham on May 21, 19100 at 08:43:18:
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: : I'm checking over the drain plan for my house and I've been reading peter hemps book about plumbing. In any case, he recommends something other than plastic for upper floor toilet drains.

: : How noisy is it really?
: : Is there a quiet alternative other than iron?

: Jahyen,
: It's hard to beat cast iron pipes for quiet. With plastic pipes, you will be able to hear the water draining in the ceiling and the walls.
: Some people spec in cast iron for toilet waste drains down to the crawlspace, and use plastic pipe for venting.

Oh please, We have had plastic pipes for over 10 years. The "noise" of water going down the drain drain is water noise, like a fountain. Unless you are hyper sensitive, I bet you get used to it real fast. It is nothing like the noise of say a cast iron steam radiator system. Or dogs barking, or kids screaming, or dishwashers running,... Also the fact that you can hear the water running means toilets aren't left running unnoticed for days.

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