Posted by Mike Morgan on May 20, 19100 at 10:26:21:
As Peter pointed our, visit our website at polybutylene411.org. It lists all of the contact info for the class actions and general information on polybutylene. If you need a referral of an expert in your area to do the work, you can e-mail us. Also feel free to e-mail us with any specific questions your have.

: I have an older mobile home with polybutelene pipe. Have already had several leaks. Latest one was undetected until it had run the well dry and burned up the pump in the process. Additionally, I have to have the bathroom floor replaced because after becoming wet, the particle board flooring has become dangerously soft.

: A gentleman at the plumbing supply store said there was a class action law suit over this and if not too late, I might be eligible to receive assistance in replumbing and repair.

: Do you know how or where I would apply for this for if in fact I am too late? I am located in Texas, about 100 miles east of Dallas. Thank you.

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