Re: plumbing a wall hung toilet
Posted by Curt on May 19, 19100 at 10:17:58:
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: Is there a site showing rough in plumbing and installation for a wall hung toilet?

hj's site link might be useful. I just finised replacing the wall-hung toilet in my house with a new one, and due to a poor initial installation, this involved raisng the toilet pipe flange, which means re-hanging the carrier, essentially a new installation within the existing finished construction. If you are going to put one in, do everything possible to make the strongest, most rigid mounting for the carrier. The combined weight of the toilet, water, and person sitting on it and the leverage afforded by hanging the toilet out into space will quickly make apparent and deficiencies in the mounting and support framing. The orignal installation wasn't rigid enough, and alowed the toilet to sag and the bottom actually pushed into and through the sheetrock on the wall.
If you have a choice, I would avoid using a wall-hung in a residential setting if at all possible. The choices of toilets - two domestic - are limited and extremely expensive for what is essentailly a very basic toilet.

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