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Posted by Terry Love on May 18, 19100 at 12:07:40:
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: Our older home on slab foundation has had a toilet problem. All our plumbing seems fine. We've augered the clean-out, toilet line, and vent. We've replaced the toilet. We've put a water hose down the vent and toilet line. It didn't back up. We finally ran a video camera down the line and found several small "bellys" in the line. There was a major belly from 5-11 feet donw the toilet line.
: QUESTION: When the toilet is replaced it flushes fine a few times. After a few minutes, then the problem repeats itself (fill to rim and slowly seeps down). Could the belly be causing a back pressure? We've had an estimate for a repiping. Are there any other way to fix this or is tunneling and repiping the only answer? Thanks so much!

With the low spots in the pipe, correction may be needed.
There have been a few people on this list that have installed the pressure assist type toilets to "shoot" the water past the low spots. The Gerber Ultraflush has a "drainline carry" of 60 feet.
It that would work, it would be a cheap fix.
The other thing to look at would be fixing the pipe.

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