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Posted by hj on May 18, 19100 at 00:45:25:
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That unit only lets air into the system. Your drain line is still plugged somewhere so there is an air bubble being trapped between the stoppage and your trap. With the vent removed, the air can escape and let the water drain. When it is installed, the air is trapped and causes what we call a double trap and therefore the sink cannot draing. Unplug the drain line and it will work again

: A previous owner remodeled the kitchen in my 55 year old house. The sink is piped with PVC drains and has a secondary vent placed about 3" after the trap. The sink has always drained slow, but worked. A couple of days ago it essentially stopped draining. I thought the drain was clogged and "cleared" with a hand cranked tool. However, I then realized that pouring just 10-12 ounces down the drain would clog it. I removed the secondary vent and water now drained, so I bought a replacement. The replacement works no better than the original. I tried removing the vent and temporarily sealing the opening in the pipe with a plastic bag and rubber band, but the water would not flow. It seems possible the replacement vent is defective and I may try another one. I also noticed that the vent is only about 3" above the pipe and the directions suggest 6" as a minimum, so I may also try to increase the height of the vent,, but there's not much room to work. Do I seem to be on the right track? Do you know a way to test this type of screw-in vent?

: Thanks

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