Re: Appropriate copper to use for propane
Posted by Curt on May 17, 19100 at 09:06:01:
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If I understand, you want this pipe to carry propane. I'm not a plumber, but I believe in some areas code allows soft copper for propane/NG to be used indoors only if it remains exposed. For example, running to a water heater in an unfinished basement is OK (at least in some areas). Black pipe should be used if hiding in a wall or ceiling so it cannot be accidently punctured.

Type M is thicker walled pipe. Either probably is as effective for propane.

: We are installing two new water heaters upstairs in our home. What grade of 1/2" soft coil copper should be used - M or L. Any suggestions before we run the new line to the new water heaters?

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