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Posted by Nick on May 16, 19100 at 16:26:32:
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: I'm in a three year old house that originally had an electric hot water heater. The pressure relief valve would let loose every four months or so - When we finally realized where the water in the basement was coming from, we were in the process of switching to a gas water heater (late last year). The new water heater is playing the same game. Could I be experiencing high line pressure from the county? Or am I just lucky enough to have recieved two defective relief valves. I am considering a PRV and /or new relief valve. BTW, when it blew tonight, the relief valve would resume discharging cold water at full flow a few moments after turning the water back on. Does anybody have some wisdom to share on this? Thanks in advance.

Could be possibly caused by thermal expansion, if there is a check valve or a backflow preventor in the house. Water enters your house at about 60 degrees, when you heat it up to 120 degrees, the water expands, if there is a check valve or a backflow preventor, that water has no place to expand to and pressure builds up and blows your relief valve. If this is the case, you can add an expansion tank to the potable water system, or remove the check valve.

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