Posted by Shawn on May 16, 19100 at 13:57:44:
Our older home on slab foundation has had a toilet problem. All our plumbing seems fine. We've augered the clean-out, toilet line, and vent. We've replaced the toilet. We've put a water hose down the vent and toilet line. It didn't back up. We finally ran a video camera down the line and found several small "bellys" in the line. There was a major belly from 5-11 feet donw the toilet line.
QUESTION: When the toilet is replaced it flushes fine a few times. After a few minutes, then the problem repeats itself (fill to rim and slowly seeps down). Could the belly be causing a back pressure? We've had an estimate for a repiping. Are there any other way to fix this or is tunneling and repiping the only answer? Thanks so much!

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