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Posted by Nth Product Development Labs on May 16, 19100 at 01:24:57:
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Here's a simple rule of thumb: regardless of a blockage in the line, a toilet WILL NOT overflow if the flapper valve closes and seals off the tank from the bowl. There are unusual differential pressure anomalies that will actually prevent the flapper from closing. You should also check to ensure that the linkage from the flush handle to the flapper is not obstructed. Often a flapper valve will open fully perpendicular to the bottom of the tank, or even angle AWAY from the bowl, creating difficluty in closing. Back pressure of any kind at the sewage line level will also create enough differential pressure to prevent the flapper from closing - it is not always a clogged drain pipe or line obstruction. How do I know all of this? Our company is on the verge of introducing a very low cost product that will absolutely prevent toilet overflows - automatically - without compromising the aesthetics of the toilet. The device installs in 2 minutes, requires no tools, and WILL solve your problem. Watch the shelves at your nearby home centers beginning the 4th quarter of 2000 for this product.

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