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: I'm in a three year old house that originally had an electric hot water heater. The pressure relief valve would let loose every four months or so - When we finally realized where the water in the basement was coming from, we were in the process of switching to a gas water heater (late last year). The new water heater is playing the same game. Could I be experiencing high line pressure from the county? Or am I just lucky enough to have recieved two defective relief valves. I am considering a PRV and /or new relief valve. BTW, when it blew tonight, the relief valve would resume discharging cold water at full flow a few moments after turning the water back on. Does anybody have some wisdom to share on this? Thanks in advance.

a pressure relief valve will blow if the water pressure is to high, check this with a guage that you screw onto the end of a hosebib. if its over 80 lbs you should install a pressure reducing valve on your main water line.
it will also blow if the hot water temp. is to high, check this with a thermometer, it should be around 120 to 140. or you may be experiencing murphys law and have another defective relief valve.

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