Tile bathtub drain
Posted by Jack Burns on May 15, 19100 at 15:54:49:
I want to install a custom tile bathtub about 12 inches deep. I am planning on building it like a
standard tile shower base - cement board backer, mortar bed, liner, mortar, tile. My problem is
the drain. Standard bath tub drains don't have the means to drain water that leaks below the tile
but above the liner, and standard shower drains don't have a stopper and overflow openings.
What kind of drain do I need? Are there any other problem with a tile tub that I should know about?
Would it be better to use a copper or lead liner instead of a plastic membrane? What about code
requirements � anything special I should know? I have the sneaking suspicion that there is something
wrong with my plan since you see so few tiled tubs.

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