Re: Making toilets stop rocking on unlevel floors
Posted by hj on May 14, 19100 at 23:16:01:
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I am not sure how to take that AL, but there are only two things they can really do. Either cut off the part of the shims that are sticking out, which is what should have been done, or remove the shims and grout the base. This is also the way they are normally installed. When the floor is uneven something has to be done to fill the voids and stop the rocking.

: We have installed a new tile floor and our contractor installed toilets that rock a little because the tile is not exactly level he says. So he put little wedges under the edges of the toilets that stick out and look awful. Is there no other solution?? My toilets are TOto and tile is Porcelin ungrouted. Please help--those wedges look awful.

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