problem toilet drain
Posted by Shawn on May 13, 19100 at 15:30:36:
The only trouble drain in our house is our main toilet. The rest drain freely. We've bought a new toilet, augered the clean-out, augered the toilet line and vent. Last night we poured (2) 5 gallon buckets of water down the toilet line (without the toilet on). It drained freely with no back up at all. When we replace the toilet it flushed well, about 5 times. When we come back 10 minutes later, it flushes and the water creeps up to the rim and slowly goes down. This is a continous thing-auger flushes well, wait and then back up for good. We hired someone to video camera the pipes. There seems to be a "belly" some 5 to 11 feet down the toilet pipe. Could this be the problem? It seems to drain fine without the toilet on. Please help. Shawn

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