sump pump alternatives
Posted by debra on May 12, 19100 at 09:36:49:
i own a raised ranch (outside of syracuse, ny)and paid a reputable company to install a "ditch-like"trough
(french drain) around the inside foundation of the house. it leads across the floor to the sump pump.
theydid a fine job. for 3 years there has been little or no activity for the sump pump. this year is
different. feb. 22 the snow melted and the sump started working. (my basement is completely
finished, by the way, with 2 bedrooms, a bath and family room. carpeting and tile) it hasn't quit yet.

don't get me wrong. i'm glad the sump is working, but the noise is irritating and with our latest
rainstorms, it runs for 75 seconds, stops for 15, then starts again. i'm nervous the power will go out or
the pump (1/4 horse) will quit from overuse.

why would there be so much water this year when it's never been this bad before? we've had a sump
for 15 years here. when they built this house, they put it one cinder block lower in the ground than the
other raised ranches around it. i seem to be the only house with water, and only 1 of a few that
even have a sump pump.

can i hire a company to dig a hole or ditch lower than my basement that will attract the water away
from me and direct it to the back yard (50 feet) to a small creek?

any comments/suggestions?

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