Re: broken tank ... replacement?
Posted by hj on May 12, 19100 at 09:13:32:
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It is probably the best option. The only way to get a new one would be to have a Kohler distributor order one and that would take months to receive. Also, check with your water department to see if they offer rebates for converting from the older toilets to a 1.6 gpf model. Many do as an incentive to get users to convert to the water saving technology.
: Hello Terry,

: Your web-site is terrific - I've learned a lot just from reading the
: various entries on the bulletin board. Thanks!

: like a dummy I cracked/broke the tank of an older 3gal Kohler toilet
: (not sure of model) while replacing the tank-to-bowl gasket.
: I haven't been able to find suitable 3gal replacement tanks at
: the local HomeDepot stores.
: Is replacing the toilet the only other alternative?
: What can I do here? (thought of rigging up a kluge tank
: contraption, but that's just probly as dumb as overtightening
: those bolts in the first place)

: -kenneth

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