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Posted by hj on May 12, 19100 at 00:23:48:
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The 3" or 4" drain lines have to come out of the floor exactly behind the center of the toilets. The walls do not support the toilets, the fitting, called a carrier, bolts to the floor and supports it. Sometimes the carrier has additional connection to the wall, but only to keep the bowl from moving forward and back. Depending on the type of carrier, it can require require from an 8" wall up to 12". The only change to make a conventional toilet into an ADA is to move the opening in the carrier 3" higher and provide the M60 high leg kit.

: I'm on the restroom remodeling committee for a large church (800 members). Our building is 30+ years old. The question has come up if we can change from floor mount to wall mount toilets. (Allowing for easier cleaning, etc.) What is involved in re-routing the plumbing? How do we know if the walls will support the weight? Would there be any disadvantages to switching? We will be remodeling three restrooms and converting one into two "ADA approved" bathrooms. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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