Bathroom Remodel (plus)
Posted by Heidi Schuerger on August 17, 1998 at 13:26:48:
Dear Terry,
I came across your website while researching bathroom remodeling. is particularly helpful. I would certainly consider having you give an estimate and potentially do the work, however, our home is in Virginia. I did live in Bellingham for several years, about 12 years ago, but...
If you don't mind hearing a little horror story:
About a month ago we paid $50+ for an estimate on a bathroom remodeling job. We still haven't received the written estimate. When the plumber was on site conducting the survey he gave a verbal guess-timate of $4000. Since then we have initiated every contact, trying to get a solid figure, and each time the amount has increased: $5300, $6800.
Our home was built in the mid-40's. It has a single bath (5'6" x 11'6") with wall-attached sink, commode, and claw-foot tub. We wanted to replace the sink and commode and add a halo-shower fixture to the tub. The tub would need to be rotated for the fixture to attach to a wall. Because all of the household plumbing is on one end of the home, we wanted all galvanized water lines replaced at the same time. We also wanted to ensure that proper vents were installed for the drain system. We also wanted a washer hookup, drain and deep-sink installed on the wall opposite of the bathroom.
| ds washer dryer |
|----------------------| |-|-----------------------|
| h/w | v c tub |
| kitchen | |
| s | bathroom |
| i |-| |-----------------|
| n -
| k
Any advice in this matter is greatly appreciated. We are discouraged and have lost a month in getting this project started. I'm not looking forward to the next plumber-encounter. I'd rather watch the X-Files. Your website has really helped bolster my courage in that regard.

Heidi Schuerger

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