Broken rod in Cadet EL
Posted by Paul on May 11, 19100 at 21:52:20:

Hi Terry,

Thanks to your advice 18 months ago, we bought an Amer Std Cadet EL for the bathroom in our new addition. We've been very happy with the flush performance, low noise, and lower water bill.

But this morning, it stopped flushing.

I looked inside, and it appears that the black rod that connects the lever to the chain snapped just inside the tank. Easy enough: I'll just buy a new rod and replace it.

But there's something odder: it looks like there's some kind of white epoxy or other adhesive right at the snap. I can't tell if the plumbing subs used the adhesive (1) to connect to rod to the lever or (2) to cover their tracks after snapping the rod during installation.

Normally I'm not suspicious, but these guys screwed up the other 6 plumbing fixtures they touched in the house, so I'm wondering if we can make it 7 for 7.

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