Major bathroom remodeling
Posted by joe on May 11, 19100 at 14:49:29:
I'm thinking about totally redoing my two tiny (adjacent) full baths in my 1956 home. The big issue is that I want to move both toilets a few feet (They're presently back to back). My house is on a slab, so this will entail cutting through it to access all the pipes.
Most other work won't entail moving fixtures, but I suspect my vent system may need general upgrading. (I'd love to replace the huge main stack with smaller PVC to thin the wall between the baths to gain more space.
Before I start having plumbers come out to give me estimates on the rough work, what ball park am I in? Will this extra heavy work add prohibitively to the total cost of the rest of the remodeling job (gutting and replacing everything)?
I plan to shop for good deals on fixtures, fittings, tile, etc, but I have no idea what kind of budget to set. I was initially thinking in the $5,000-$6,000 per room range.

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