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Posted by Pat Cooper on May 11, 19100 at 09:45:49:
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: Gophers works for me. That is why we usually place a layer of concrete around the drain pipe. It would have been hard to set the tub and hook it up if the dirt were in its location.

: : We recently bought a house in the country. The house is about thirty years old with original plumbing. We removed the cover in the bathroom to look at the plumbing to the bathtub and found dirt literally packed completely under and around the bathtub. A neighbor said they had the same thing at one time and said it was from gophers coming up in there and bringing dirt with them, then they move on. My husband seems to think it was blown in there at construction, for some reason, because of the amount there. Any answers for me?

Thanks, hj. Actually our house is on a slab with a hole about the size of a shoebox left open down to the dirt. The pipes come up through that hole. We used the shop vac and got as much of the dirt out as we could. No sign of a tunnel at all in the dirt. It is a total mystery to me. It really does look as if it were blown in there after the tub was set. But for what reason? I suppose the tunnel could have collapsed after the gopher or mole left. Yep, I think you're right. Thanks.

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