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Posted by Terry Love on May 11, 19100 at 01:57:52:
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: I just bought an old victorian house,it has a well system,I have no info on the well pump,it has a 1" outlet on the pressure tank
: and the gauge reads 40 psi.

: Currently there is 3/4" cpvc cold water feed that goes about 30 feet to a crawl space beneath the kitchen floor where it is
: reduced to 1/2" which feeds the old kitchen sink, then goes up to the bathroom above feeding the toilet,sink,and shower. There
: is 1/2" line feeding to and from (about 50') the gas hot water heater.

: In the old kitchen I will be keeping the sink and adding a washing machine, and feeding a sink and dishwasher in the new
: kitchen on the other side of the wall from the existing sink, as well as the batroom above.

: What is the proper way to feed this setup, to get proper pressure and volume?

: Should I run a 1" cold main to the old kitchen, then feed all the fixtures with 1/2", or will a 3/4" main sufice?

: Should I extend the 1" or 3/4" main up to the bathroom?

: Should I replace the 1/2" hot water main with 3/4" (there are 3/4" fitting on the water heater)?

: P.S. I will be installing and aeration/carbon filter for hydrogen sulfide removal after the pressure tank, if this would affect
: pressure figures?

: Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks, Barry Larkin

Check the link below for sizing water lines. Count up the fixture units, and then use the chart. Terry

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