Bathroom Subfloor Question
Posted by Adam on May 09, 19100 at 11:48:11:
I've gutted my bathroom and am now replacing the subfloor because of some rot. I've cut out the old plywood flush with the walls and now I'm wondering how much edge support I need.

I"m using 19/32" plywood and am putting Durock on top for a tile floor. I'm a bit worried deflection at the edges and I don't want a cracked floor.

Where the edges of the plywood run parallel to the joists, I've packed out with 2x4s where needed for a nailing edge and support. What I'm wondering I need anything for the edges that are perpendicular to the joists. Everything is on 16' centers. I cut a couple of 14 1/2" 2x4s and started toe nailing betwwen the joists and realized what a pain its going to be so I thought I'd ask.


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