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Posted by hj on May 09, 19100 at 09:00:59:
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The heat gun will not do it, but heating with a blowtorch and using bigger wrenches should. They may have used paint to seal the joints. It was the thing to do back in those days when the plumber did not want to buy the proper sealer.

: : Attempting a minor plumbing addition to a 50 year old house with galvanized plumbing. There seems to be no problem with the current pipes. I want to replace an L in the CW line to the washer with a T, which will allow an extra line for a new exterior faucet. I was planning to reuse the original piping to the washer. How to get apart 50 year old threaded pipe joints sealed with plumbers putty (I guess that's what they called it)? A good sized pipe wrench won't budge the joints. Heating with a heat gun, then the wrench? Something else to try? Thanks for any suggestions - John

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