Re: Porcelin on Steel v. Enamled Cast Iron
Posted by hj on May 09, 19100 at 00:15:44:
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Let's put it this way. Cast-iron tubs come in a crate or a box, while steel tubs always come in a box. I have seldom had a bad cast-iron tub when I have unboxed them, but I have had jobs where it took four steel tubs to get an undamaged one. That same fragility exists after it is installed. I only install steel tubs when the customer buys his own.

: I am searching for a 4-foot tub to fit in a very tight space. So far, I've come across an Eljer enameled cast iron tub (the "Riviera Tub") and an American Standard porcelain on steel tub (the "Huron Tub"). The Eljer tub runs about $1000, while the American Standard tub is about $200. Is the Eljer tub worth the price? Stated differently, what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of a porcelain on steel tub versus a enameled cast iron tub? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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