Gerber toilet, special gasket, still leaks.
Posted by Dave V. on May 08, 19100 at 15:13:25:
Recently, I asked here if Gerber toilets used a special tank-to-bowl gasket, since the new one I'd installed leaked like a fire hose. The answer was: Yes. I located the gaskets locally and installed one. The result was a small leak (much smaller than with the "normal" gasket, but a leak nonetheless). I tried the other new gasket, just to be safe (I bought 2 gaskets while I was at the plumbing store), with the same result.

The guy at the store suggested I wasn't cranking the tank down tight enough, but I'm afraid to tighten the bolts any tighter for fear of cracking the bowl.

Several questions arise:
1) I had recently replaced the flush/valve assembly and was wondering if Gerber had a special one of those.

2) I replaced the bolts at the same time. These bolts have a rubber washer directly contacting the tank on both the inside and outside surfaces. The inside gasket is snugged up by the bolt head. The outside gasket by a washer and nut. (That assembly is installed with the tank totally off the bowl). The tank is then held to the bowl by a washer & wingnut, which is what I tightened to the point of being afraid. Does that sound right or wrong to anyone?

3) There were 2 or 3 little black rubber "cushions" between the tank and the bowl. They fell off when I removed the tank the first time, so I'm not sure where they should be. Could misplacing those be causing my leak?

I really hate to call in a plumber for such a minor issue, but I'm really not sure what to do next.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. If I need to provide any clarifying feedback, I'll be glad to.


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