gas boiler venting
Posted by John on May 07, 19100 at 19:21:43:
I have a vaillant gas fired boiler 80,000btu/68,000btu
The system was installed by the previous owner. The house is a newer raised ranch with no chimeney the system is vented through the back of the house and has a inline power vent fan.This summer i plan to set up a 4th zone i would like to eliminate the power fan if i could the boiler vent is 16 inches from the outside wall and the current point of exit is 4 feet above the top of the boiler the pipe is 5 inches in diameter.based on these measurements would it be possible to install a new pipe that would run from the point where it exits to the top of the roofline and achieve enough updraft?The boiler and hotwater heater are in the garage in a room that was built when the units were installed.Also i currently have 3 zones and as i mentioned earlier i would like to add a 4th.Do you know of anyone who sells a 24volt xsfmer larger than 40va like one big enough for 4 zones 60va???
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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