Re: Odor problem inside our home
Posted by Terry Love on May 06, 19100 at 15:22:37:
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: We have a 12 year old home, connected to public sewer system. We have three bathrooms. Our last child moved out over 2 years ago,so two of the bathrooms have had very little if any use. Recently we noticed an odor throughout our home. Not exactly a sewer odor, but still pretty foul. AFter checking, we find it is definitely coming from our drainage system somewhere. A friend told us that sometimes pipes that go unused for long periods of time can develop a bacteria that results in an odor. We've ran water through sinks, baths, and commodes througout the house for two weeks. We used bleach in the pipes, even Draino several times. The odor is still there

Check for any open pipes, make sure water is in all p-traps, and make sure the toilets are sealed at the floor flanges. You may need to re-wax. Terry

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