Re: kitchen sink faucet
Posted by hj on May 05, 19100 at 01:50:59:
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The problem is the diverter that sends water to the spray hose next to the faucet. Either replace it or remove it if you do not mind water coming from both the spout and spray when you turn on the spray.

: Our kitchen sink faucet recently began pulsating when we turn on the water (hot or cold).
: After a few brief pulses, it "locks up" -- no water comes out. When we turn the faucet off
: we hear a brief click, then we can try again. The only solution we have found so far is to
: turn the water on very slowly and work with minimal pressure. Our dishwasher is connected
: to the same line, and it has not been having any problems. I'm stumped!

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