Re: How much h2o pressure is too high?
Posted by TK on May 04, 19100 at 17:29:17:
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In my old house which was on a Well, I ran the pressure cut off switch at 50 lbs or so. It always seemed like enough.

I'd say 70-90 is really high. Bottom line is if you feel it's too high then it is. Hate to see your pipes start to burst at the seams because the city thinks your plumbing was done by NASA.

: Hi. In my house, I seem to have way too much water pressure. This has been going on for several years, and at first I had water-sprinkler problems with sprinkler heads popping off, and then lately, the main flow control valve. Inside, the shower, if set at a quarter-turn on the valve, will blow the hair off your legs. I spoke to the city utility department, and they said that "70 - 90" lbs was normal. After alot of encouragement, they did a measurement for me and now tell me "it's a little high at 106 lbs." And for me to go buy a pressure reducer.

: Isn't the city utility department required under some sort of specifications to provide a min. and max. pressure? What if they said, "we'll give everyone 3,000 lbs, but it's just a little bit high?" Before I go out and buy and install a pressure reducer, does anyone know what "normal" usually is and how I could go about finding city "code" or "specs" on this?

: Thanks

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