How much h2o pressure is too high?
Posted by V K McVey on May 04, 19100 at 17:18:16:
Hi. In my house, I seem to have way too much water pressure. This has been going on for several years, and at first I had water-sprinkler problems with sprinkler heads popping off, and then lately, the main flow control valve. Inside, the shower, if set at a quarter-turn on the valve, will blow the hair off your legs. I spoke to the city utility department, and they said that "70 - 90" lbs was normal. After alot of encouragement, they did a measurement for me and now tell me "it's a little high at 106 lbs." And for me to go buy a pressure reducer.

Isn't the city utility department required under some sort of specifications to provide a min. and max. pressure? What if they said, "we'll give everyone 3,000 lbs, but it's just a little bit high?" Before I go out and buy and install a pressure reducer, does anyone know what "normal" usually is and how I could go about finding city "code" or "specs" on this?


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