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Posted by hj on May 02, 19100 at 02:04:29:
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My first question is if this is a house with a concrete slab floor. If so, the answer it that you have a hot water leak under the floor and the hot water is heating the cold water in the pipe. The heater is running all the time because it is trying to heat the water faster than it is leaking out. Take your shoes off and walk around until you find the hot spot on the floor. That is about where the leak is.

: Question: I have a 40 gal. water heater that runs all the time, when I turn the cold water on in the bath room, the first 5-10 sec. the water is hot.I don't know what the problem is with this heater?The heater is 11 yrs.old, could it be going out or what
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