Re: 4 Bolts for Toilet
Posted by hj on May 02, 19100 at 02:01:08:
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That is a really old toilet, or it is a 10 inch rough model. I always used dummy bolts in those holes, but they were intended to have screws inserted to keep it from twisting on the floor.

: I installed an old American Standard 13 litre toilet in my rennovated basement bathroom, and found that there are 4 bolt holes in the base. Of course, only 2 line up with the new flange.

: I have noted installations of similar toilets, and see that they indeed have 4 bolts installed. Were the front two just for additional stability and to reduce possible twisting stress on the flange? I only used the rear bolts with the flange.

: I'm going to replace the toilet soon with a low volume model, but am curious none the less. It seems to work fine and is quite sturdy with just the 2 bolts.

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