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Posted by hj on May 02, 19100 at 01:58:03:
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I assume this is a slab house with the water lines under the slab. If so, the hot and cold water pipes are next to each other at some point and the cold pipe gets heated up when water is not flowing through it. Melting the wax ring is minor compared to the toilet tank or bowl cracking, which will happen sometime when the hot water contacts a cool bowl or tank.

: when i turn on my cold water faucets i get hot water for about 30 secs. then it runs cold..the prob is that my toilet fill with warm water too and its mealting my wax ring... someone told us it was back fill from the hotwater heater..we turned down the heater be we still get hot water...if anyone can help please let me know..i have been to alot of home stores and they look at me like im crazy and say they never heard such a thing..thanks Beca

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