Marketing a New Product
Posted by Jack on May 01, 19100 at 19:45:22:
I am wondering if you can help me. I would like information on how to market a new product to large retailers. I have developed an item to be used with a toilet plunger of all things. I have found company that will manufacturer the item in the US. I developed a package with advertising to display the product. I taught myself a little HTML and made up a floppy disc with pictures etc. to demonstrate the item. I sent a packaged sample, for their use, along with the demonstration disc and a letter describing the product and explaining to the merchandising manager how to use the floppy to four of the largest hardware retailers in the country about four weeks ago. I have not received a reply. I know they may not like the product but I would like to find out if I am doing anything wrong before contacting any more. I really don't want to go through manufacturers reps as the margin between the cost and wholesale price is small. The product has to be sold in large quantities to make much of a profit.
Any information on how to approach the national retailers with new products will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,

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