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Posted by John Griffith on May 01, 19100 at 16:10:33:
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Learn the facts about the ongoing dip tube class action settlement at

: : Garrett: I have compiled a list of 76 incidents of water heater dip tube failures over the last 11 months. Each of the customers that have had this type of failure have been contacted by the Attorneys handling the class action suit.
: : Although no specific dollar amount has been mentioned in the settlement, I understand additional compensation is available for mental anguish...loss of services do to no hot water...whiplash injuries sustained as a result of muscle spasm induced by "The cold water reflex finding" (Hardman vs Self)...loss of standing in the community...public humiliation...loss of self esteem...causation of large black birds to circle residences that were devoid of hot water as a result of this failure...dingy laundry...and several results that are much to personal and graphic to detail in this forum. The client attorney bond in this issue is extremely strong. I have promised not to discuss any of this with anyone, and he has promised to make us both wealthy through this class action assault on the manufacturers of the water heaters...their suppliers...distributors...wholesalers ...retail outlets...plastic manufacturers...tubing fabricators...etc.
: : This is going to be the first big "Class Action Suit" of the 21st Century.
: : The Firm handling these claims has a web site but I have been cautioned about revealing it for reasons that should be obvious. But the name that comes to mind is Grimm, Spechter and Skroom.
: : Melvin Belie once said "I don't chase ambulances, I get there before the accident"
: : Please contact our office if you would like any additional information on this issue....Bud

: : Please contact me if you have had the dip tube in your water heater replaced or if you have noticed white plastic particles in your faucet aerators or showerheads or have had a disruption in your hot water supply due to a dip tube problem

: : : Garrett Hodes
: : : 221 West Lexington
: : : Suite 400
: : : Independence, Missouri 64051
: : : (816) 836-5050
: : :

: Just had the one in mine replaced. Guess it solved the problem and may have prevented some future headaches. The person that replaced it couldn't find anything wrong with the old one however-now the water is consistenly hot and you may want to drain ??some?? water out after it's replaced.I drained Lots of it and there was still sand type crud when I gave up, so I've been draining a little at a time every day or so. I'm guessing this problem has been there a few years. Joe

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