clogged kitchen sink
Posted by Mike on May 01, 19100 at 14:37:51:
It seems to happen about once per year. 99% of the time I don't have a problem with disposing compost (vege leaves, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc) well, but seems to clog after doing nothing different. The pipes will eventually drain over night. The kitchen is on the top floor. At the bottom of the daylight basement floor there's a cleanout in the 2" copper pipe. It would appear that the copper pipe replaced galvanized from sink to cleanout, but it's stil galvanized from the cleanout leading through the foundation to whereever it goes and meets the rest of the drains and city sewer. I can get a small snake in about 10 or 15', but it seems to get hung up. In passed years I put blowouts in the roof vent and just below the sink trap to unclog it (baking soda and vinegar, liquid plumr, and a snake didn't do it). Over the passed couple days I unsuccessfully tried baking soda and vinegar, lye, and boiling water, letting it drain between attempts. I don't know where all the other drains tie in, but they are all free. How can I find the source of the clog and fix it permanently?

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P.S. Enjoyed the Bill story. This one's true: He once splattered pee on my shoe.

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