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Posted by Chris B. on May 01, 19100 at 12:41:33:
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: : We're shopping for toilets for a new house. When we asked for recommendations from our local plumbing supply store,
: : they recommended the humble Mansfield Alto - the same toilet that seems to be at the bottom of everyone's list!
: : Three people from that store swear it is the best performer they carry - that they've no returns or complaints (and they
: : carry several other lines of toilets). They say about half of their plumbers use it. What gives? Has the Alto improved since
: : Consumer Reports tested it? We are confused - has anybody had positive experiences with the Alto? (We
: : aren't necessarily looking for the cheapest toilet!)

: Chris,
: The best toilets they sell? The only builder grade toilet they sell? They have had 65% of the new home market.

: What toilets do they sell? We removed two of the Mansfield Alto 130-160's from a new home on Thursday, and took them to the dump. We don't recycle them.

: If you have plunged your toilet within the past year, you're doing it too often. There are better products.

: I talked to the Washington State rep for Mansfield a couple weeks ago. He recommends using single ply paper and pre-flushing. He also mentioned that the flush valve can easily be changed out with the 3.5 gallon flush version defeating the 1.6 code. He did say, that in his opinion, that they were the best flushing toilets on the market. A local plumber in Redmond, Jim Stickler, changes the flush valve on the Mansfield, with a standard replacement valve and flapper assembly. This also uses more water. Other options could include replacement with a different brand and/or model. Mansfield does make a pressure assist
: that works very well.

They also sell Eljer and I think American Standard. When we started thinking about it more, we think they probably install the toilet with the 3.5 gallon retrofit without telling anyone - one salesman did say that they carry those parts. We're not interested in subverting the 1.6 gallon rule though, so I guess we'll look elsewhere.

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