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Posted by hj on May 01, 19100 at 02:13:52:
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I assumeit is a Moen faucet. If so, I would really suggest having a plumber do the job. The only ones I have ever had to replace were the ones that the owner took matters into their own hands and destroyed the faucet in the process. There are four different tools to remove the core and the correct one to use depends on your situation. And sometimes, if you start with the wrong one, there is no second chance to use a different one.
: I have a leaky bathroom sink faucet. I took it apart to replace the cartridge or the o-rings. But the cartridge won't come out no matter how hard I pull. I went to the hardware store to see if they had a tool I could use, but every one they had was to big to use on it.Space is very tight. Do you know how I can get the cartridge out?

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