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Posted by hj on May 01, 19100 at 02:09:45:
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I don't know how long you have been married, but you apparently blew it in the first few months. During those initial months, before she has a chance to find out differently, you have to establish that you are a genius about everything. This will keep her from getting advice from other people, since they would obviously be incorrect if you said they were. Now as to those remodeling jobs, the first thing to do is send her home to mother's for a much needed visit. While she is gone, do it. Even if the job is not done when she gets back, it will be too late for her to get advice about doing it a different way. In fact you can take months to finish the job as long as you are emphatic that she will like the finished product. However if you have an 8 year old grandson who also thinks he knows everything, it will either make your life easier or harder depending on which side he takes. (Therefore, suck up to him to keep on his good side.)

: My problem is my spouse. We get in these terrible arguments when it comes to how home remodel projects should be done. I explain the best way I know, how it should be done. I make little drawings, showing every little detail, and still she doesn't think I know how to do it. To make matters worse, any other person she talks to with a different opinion is right according to her. If she asked the pizza delivery boy, and he disagreed with me, she would side with him! At times, it seems that even the drunk down the street is more respected than me when it comes to home projects. How do I handle this?
: John

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