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Posted by hj on May 01, 19100 at 02:00:43:
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I think you are mixing up the terms air gap and air vent. The air vent has to be after the trap and before its connection to the drain line. The air gap is to protect the dishwasher against backflow. You would not want it inside a wall, since a stoppage in the drain line would allow the disposer to pump water out that vent opening and into the wall. If the drain from the dishwasher does not go above the level of the sink's countertop, before entering the trap, then the waste water from the sink will enter the dishwasher and overflow the door any time the sink drain gets plugged.
: I am installing a dishwasher and it is on a different wall than the sink. The electric and hot water
: lines will be coming up from the basement directly underneath the dishwasher. I would like to drop the
: drain line down to the basement and into a line before a trap. The line would then slope to drain line from
: kitchen sink. Where I connect the dishwasher drain into the line before the trap, can I extend the line up
: into the walls and add an air vent? The air vent would be closed in by the walls. I would prefer to add the
: air vent behind the dishwasher and not in the wall but I believe there is not enough room. I do not want to
: place the vent through the countertop.

: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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